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Uttarakhand Andolan History :

Uttaranchal emerged as the 27th state of India on 9th November 2000, leading to the fulfillment of the long cherished dream of the people who are the residents of this hilly region. Mr. Surjeet Singh Barnala was appointed as the Governor of the newly formed state comprising of 13 Districts, while Mr. Nityanand Swami was appointed as The First Chief Minister of the state. The historical parade grounds of Dehradun (temporary Capital of Uttaranchal) served as a venue to the oath ceremony of the Governor and Chief Minister of the newly formed state.

The important events that led to formation of Uttaranchal are as follows: In 1930 the local residents of region moved a resolution by majority vote and claimed for a separate state of Uttarakhand. Thus the foundation of the movement for a separate state of Uttarakhand was way back in 1930.

5th- 6th May1938 : In a political convention of the Congress in Srinagar (British Garhwal) Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru stated that keeping in view the distance geographic shapes and traditions, and for development of the region, the people of the region should have the right to the frame policies and take decision on for themselves on important issues.

1946 : In the convention in Haldwani Garhwal Kesri Badri Outt Pandey demanded special status for the region Garh Kesri Ansuya Prasad Bahuguna called for development of Garhwal Kumaon region as a separate unit or state.

1954 : Indira Singh Nayal a member of state legislative assembly wrote a letter to the Chief Minister Govind Vallabh Pant requesting for separate arrangements for the development of the region.

1955 : Fazal Ali called for reformation of U.P. with the intention of forming a separate state of Uttrakhand.

1957 : Vice-President of planning commission T.T. Krishnachari called for special attention to the problem of the people of hilly regions.

12th May 1970 : Indira Gandhi imposed the responsibility of backwardness and underdevelopement of the hill stations V.P. on the state and the Central Government.

24th July 1979.: Formation of "Uttarakhand Kranti Dal" for the formation of a separate hill state.

June 1987 : Pledge for formation of separate Uttarakhand state in all party meeting in Karnprayag.

Nov. 1987 : Protest in Delhi and noticed to President. Haridwar was included as a part of Uttarakhand as per notice.

1991 : B.J.P. government passed the proposal for formation of Uttaranchal in the legislative assembly and send it to Central Government for approval.

1994 : Chief Minister Mulayam Singh Yadav set up Kaniskya committee for evaluating demands for Uttarakhand. On 21 June 1994, the committee submitted its report in favour of Uttarakhand.

June 1994 : Students' movements all over Uttarakhand for separate state.

19th Aug. 1994 : Strike observed by employees of state government in Nainital, slogans were shorted in Loksabaha

1st Sep. 1994 : Police firing on protestors in Khatima, many were killed curfew imposed in Haldwani and Khatima .

2nd Sep. 1994 : Police firing on protestors in Mussorrie, 7 killed including ASP.

3rd Sep. 1994: Mass protest of people from all walks of life including students, women etc. in all over Uttaranchal.

1st - 2nd Oct. 1994 : Atrocities on protestors in their way to Delhi many killed, many imprisoned, their bus was set to fire, misbehaviour with women Mass protest in Delhi police firing on mob.

3rd Oct. 1994: Mass protest all over Uttaranchal public property were destroyed curfew imposed in various region one person each killed in Nainital, Rishikesh and Dehradun

7th Oct. 1994 : One woman killed in police firing, one police station looted and policemen made to parade without uniform.

13th Oct. 1994 : One killed during curfew in Dehradun.

27th Oct. 1994 : Peace restored in Uttaranchal after talks with then Home Minister Rajesh Pilot.

10th Nov. 1995 : Two protestors killed as a result of police atrocities on protestors in Triyank Taapu, Srinagar.

5th Aug. 1996 : Prime Minister H. D. Devegauda announced the formation of Uttarakhand state from the red fort and asked the state legislative assembly for its opinion

1998 : For the first time B.J.P. sent an ordinance for the formation of Uttaranchal state through the President to the state legislative assembly.

2000 : The government headed by Atal Behari Vajpayee once again sent the Uttar Pradesh reformation bill-2000 for the formation of Uttaranchal. The Central Government presented the bill in the Lok Sabha on 27th July 2000, the bill was passed in the Lok Sabha on the 1st August 2000 and on 10th August 2000 in the Rajya Sabha. On 28th August 2000 it received the sanction of the President. The Central Government fixed 9th November 2000 for the formation of the Uttaranchal state.

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